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The U.P Trail

Exciting Adventure by Zane Grey

Life and Adventures of Frank and Jesse James


Find Out How Two of the Most Famous Outlaws Lived

Wilderness Castaways


An Exciting Life and Death Struggle for Survival

Sindbad the Sailor


Sindbad the Sailor & Other Stories from the Arabian Nights

800 Leagues on the Amazon



The setting of the sun on a clear horizon, free from all haze, announced one of those beautiful tropical nights…

The Golden Skull


The Rick Brant Science-Adventure Stories

Valley of Wild Horses by Zane Grey


Ride Along for One of Zane Grey's Exciting Adventures

Arizona Nights


 We had thirst and heat and stampedes and some Indian scares...

The Guns of Shiloh


"The Guns of Shiloh," a complete story in itself, is the complement of "The Guns of Bull Run."

The American Family Robinson


The Adventures of a Family Lost in the Great Desert of the West

The Lost Continent

Adrift in the Wilds

Cabin Fever

Thrilling Stories of the Ocean

From authentic accounts of modern voyagers and travellers; designed for the entertainment and instruction of young people.

The White Waterfall

I bent my back to the oars and pulled with every muscle strained. The perspiration half blinded me, but one glance upward convinced me that I had sensed the captain's motive when I saw him rush from the side. He was standing on the poop, taking deliberate aim at me with a Winchester rifle that he had taken from the rack in his own cabin.

Thrilling Adventures by Land and Sea

There is in the adventures of the daring and heroic, something that interests all.

Wildfire by Zane Grey

For some reason the desert scene before Lucy Bostil awoke varying emotions–a sweet gratitude for the fullness of her life there at the Ford, yet a haunting remorse that she could not be wholly content–a vague loneliness of soul–a thrill and a fear for the strangely calling future, glorious, unknown.


The Secret of the Reef


Exciting Treasure Hunt Adventure!

White Fang

Dark spruce forest frowned on either side the frozen waterway. 
The trees had been stripped by a recent wind of their white covering of frost, and they seemed to lean towards each other, black and ominous, in the fading light. 

The Call of the Canyon

Classic Western Adventure by Zane Grey!

Burning Daylight by Jack London

In all lands where life is a hazard lightly played with and lightly flung aside, men turn, almost automatically, to gambling for diversion and relaxation. 

Captain Blood

One of the greatest swashbuckling pirate adventures of all time!

The Lonely Trails

At length we turned into a long canyon with straight rugged red walls, and a sandy floor with quite a perceptible ascent. It appeared endless. Far ahead I could see the black storm-clouds; and by and by I began to hear the rumble of thunder. Darkness had overtaken us by the time we had reached the head of this canyon; and my first sight of Monument Valley came with a dazzling flash of lightning. It revealed a vast valley, a strange world of colossal shafts and buttes of rock, magnificently sculptored, standing isolated and aloof, dark, weird, lonely. When the sheet lightning flared across the sky showing the monuments silhouetted black against that strange horizon the effect was marvelously beautiful. I watched until the storm died away.

The Ascent of Denali


The Rainbow Trail by Zane Grey

Shefford halted his tired horse and gazed with slowly realizing eyes.

A league-long slope of sage rolled and billowed down to Red Lake, a dry red basin, denuded and glistening, a hollow in the desert, a lonely and desolate door to the vast, wild, and broken upland beyond.

With the Black Prince


Exciting Adventure of War and Survival!

Desert Gold by Zane Grey

As the revolution begins in this classic western adventure, our hero, Richard Gale must rescue a beautiful woman from a ruthless bandit.    In doing so,  a long-buried secret is uncovered………….

A Daughter of the Sioux

Life of Boone


The Adventures of Daniel Boone!

Caves of Terror

 A British agent and an American go up against a Hindu and a mysterious princess, trying to stop a plot to free India from Bristish rule. 

In their attempt to stop the conspiracy they end up in dangerous underground caves filled with  hungry crocodiles and panthers.  

The caves also contain Hindu holy men conducting unbelievable experiments!

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