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All about GED


Your Complete Guide to Achieve Phenomenal Results in GED

Community College Choreography

Balancing Work and School

Cyber School


Now You Can Learn Anything, Anywhere at Anytime!

Pre-School Guide for Parents


Choosing the right pre-school can shape the future of your child.

Hero Stories from American History


Old journals, original records, documents, and other trustworthy sources have been utilized for this book.

Student Loan 3-Pack


Learn What You Need to Know About Your Student Loans

The Extermination of the American Bison


“That was the last of the great herds…."

The Mayflower and Her Log


Learn Exactly What Happened on the Mayflower

David Crockett: His Life and Adventures


David Crockett certainly was not a model man. But he was a representative man.

37 Ways to Prepare for College


Stay Ahead of the Class With Great Tips To Get Prepared For College!

No Filler, No Fluff. Just 100% Real Usable Information On College Prep!

Peter Piper’s Practical Principles of Plain and Perfect Pronunciation



A fun way for your kids to learn to pronunciate more clearly and easily!

History of Woman Suffrage Vol. II

Edison: His Life and Inventions

The True Story of the American Flag

History is the best incentive to make men love their country; it encourages that patriotism which never falters, even at the cannon’s mouth.

Slips of Speech

The Story of Pocohontas & Captain John Smith

Share this exciting and adventurous tale of history with your children! 

The Story of the Pony Express

An account of the most remarkable mail service ever in existence, and its place in history.

Student Loans 101

"Money Is Tight, Your Kids Are Going To College & You Just Don't Know HOW You Will Find The Money To Fund Those College Fees! 

Golden Deeds: Stories from History


Strange Stories from History for Young People


Interesting, educational ebook includes such stories as:

Introductory American History

This educational ebook includes:

Home Life in Colonial Days

Beginner’s Guide to Learning Chinese

Now YOU Can Finally Learn Chinese at Your Own Pace Using Simple Techniques and Tricks Order Today

Don't waste your time and money on high priced courses Instead, save yourself tons of time and money by learning Chinese the quick and easy way!

Discoverers and Explorers

Learn about the great explorers of the world including:

The Ancient Life History of the Earth


Amusements in Mathematics

In issuing this volume of my Mathematical Puzzles, of which some have appeared in periodicals and others are given here for the first time, I must acknowledge the encouragement that I have received from many unknown correspondents, at home and abroad, who have expressed a desire to have the problems in a collected form, with some of the solutions given at greater length than is possible in magazines and newspapers.

Study Aid


Getting a scholarship and financial support for your studies is not as hard as you think!

Resolve to Learn Something New Today

Set Resolutions And Learn How To Expand Your Skills!

First Across the Continent

Follow along with Lewis & Clark on their exciting and dangerous journey to map out and explore the section of the United States from Missouri, up through the Dakotas, over to Montana and Idaho and through to the Pacific Ocean!

Parent’s Guide to Successful Homeschooling

In order to insure that your child is prepared with the best education possible to prepare them for college or university, you need to arm yourself with information on home schooling. 

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