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The Flaming Mountain

A Rick Brant Science Adventure

The Rome Express


Murder on the Rome Express!

A Chain of Evidence


Exciting New York City Murder Mystery

The Mysterious Affair at Styles


This is the Agatha Christie novel that started it all!

The Great Swamp Mystery


"Help! Police! Murder!"

The La Chance Mine Mystery

This is an adventure filled western mystery with a little romance thrown in.  It has something for everyone!

The Circular Staircase

 This Gothic mystery begins when a spinster rents an old mansion for the summer in the hopes of enjoying a relaxing and restful vacation. 

The White Squall



The Golf Course Mystery

The Valley of Fear

On reaching the Manor House, the sergeant had found the drawbridge down, the windows lighted up, and the whole household in a state of wild confusion and alarm.

The Clue of the Twisted Candle

He had fallen in love with Grace Terrell.

At first his attentions had amused her, and then there came a time when they frightened her, for the man's fire and passion had been unmistakable.

The Hand in the Dark


Seen in the sad glamour of an English twilight, the old moat-house, emerging

The Sheridan Road Mystery

Policeman Murphy stopped far a moment, as was his custom, at the corner of Lawrence Avenue and Sheridan Road.

He knew that it was about two o'clock in the morning as that was the hour at which he usually reached this point.

He glanced sharply up and down Sheridan Road, which at that moment seemed to be completely deserted save for the distant red tail-light of a belated taxi, the whir of whose engine came to him quite distinctly on the quiet night air.

The Voice in the Fog


A London fog, solid, substantial, yellow as an old dog's tooth or a jaundiced eye.

The Daffodil Mystery

"The London police are confronted with a new mystery, which has features so remarkable, that it would not be an exaggeration to describe this crime as the Murder Mystery of the Century.

The Riddle of the Sands


'WAKE up!' I rubbed my eyes and wondered where I was…

An Antarctic Mystery by Jules Verne

No more appropriate scene for the wonderful and terrible adventures which I am about to relate could be imagined than the Desolation Islands, so called, in 1779, by Captain Cook.



By the River of Spirits is a deep forest…

The Gerrard St. Mystery & Other Weird Tales

At the Sign of the Jack-O-Lantern


Amusing mystery tale about a young couple who return home from their honeymoon to an old peculiar house….

Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie

"Well, then, look after each other," said Mr. Carter, smiling.

"Now let's get back to business.  There's something mysterious about this draft treaty that we haven't fathomed yet. We've been threatened with it–in plain and unmistakable terms. The Revolutionary element as good as declare that it's in their hands, and that they intend to produce it at a given moment. 

The Mystery of the Fires


The following morning Mrs. Gay relented from her decision to pack up the family’s things and go home immediately.

The Riddle of the Frozen Flame


Merriton Towers had been called the loneliest spot in England…

The Mysterious Rider

Sunset found Bent Wade far up the valley of White River under the shadow of the Flat Top Mountains. It was beautiful country. Grassy hills, with colored aspen groves, swelled up on his left, and across the brawling stream rose a league long slope of black spruce, above which the bare red-and-gray walls of the range towered, glorious with the blaze of sinking sun. White patches of snow showed in the sheltered nooks. Wade's gaze rested longest on the colored heights.

The Mystery at Dark Cedars


“Well, there was something years ago that old Mr. Grant got hold of—something valuable—that I made out didn’t belong to him….

Dead Men Tell No Tales


This is a story of adventure, mystery, romance and danger!

The House in the Mist

It was a night to drive any man indoors. Not only was the darkness impenetrable, but the raw mist enveloping hill and valley made the open road anything but desirable to a belated wayfarer like myself. Being young, untrammeled, and naturally indifferent to danger, I was not averse to adventure; and having my fortune to make, was always on the look-out for El Dorado, which, to ardent souls, lies ever beyond the next turning. Consequently, when I saw a light shimmering through the mist at my right, I resolved to make for it and the shelter it so opportunely offered.

The Angel of Terror

A man is convicted of murder based on the testimony of one beautiful innocent woman. 

But who is telling the truth……….

The Paradise Mystery

This exciting murder mystery is set in a quiet England town where all is not what it appears to be. 

The Haunted Bookshop

Exciting story about a 1930s secondhand bookshop.  

Is the bookshop haunted or is there something even more sinister going on!?

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