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How to Tie Flies


Learn the Art of Fly Tying

Skateboarding for Newbies

Learn to Be a Master of the Skateboard

Fun with Tobogganing


The Complete Guide to Learn All About Tobogganing

Athletic Training

Always wanted to be a world class athlete?

Wild Northern Scenes


Sporting Adventures with Rifle and Rod

Camping for Boys


Now you can use simple, step-by-step techniques to help boys become strong men through camping.

Bruce Lee Training Guide


Training Secrets of the Legendary Bruce Lee

Squash Tennis


All You Need to Know to Become a Great Squash Tennis Player

Soccer – Be a Star on the Field


Get Fit For The Soccer Field In 10 Easy Steps

Beginner’s Guide to Golf


 Want to Get In on One of the Fastest Growing Sports Around?

Distance Running


Discover How You Can Increase Your Running In A Matter Of A Few Months

Mastering the Waves

Your Guide to Buying Your First Powerboat

Ice Hockey – The Game


Everything You Need to Know About the Exciting Game of Hockey

Tennis for Everyone


Tennis is at Once an Art and a Science

The Complete Golfer

MANY times I have been strongly advised to write a book on golf, and now I offer a volume to the great and increasing public who are devoted to the game.

Your Guide to Scuba Diving

Many people think that space is our final frontier – and that is not entirely true.

Speed Boat Safety

You need to be fully prepared for anything when you drive a speed boat…

Discover How to Enjoy Your Speed Boat While Staying Safe!

211 Golf Jokes & Sayings for You, Your Friends and Golfing Partners

This ebook is loaded with entertaining and funny jokes, sayings and also included are the 20 laws of golf!

Baseball 101

Everyting You Need to Know About the Ins and Outs of Baseball! 

Fuel Your Knowledge of Baseball with this In-Depth Handbook….

Maximum Distance Secrets Pack

Incredible package includes 25 ebooklets on how to improve your golf game!  All ebooklets are in PDF format.

How to Choose a Golf Training Aid

In this e-book you will learn to:

Your ATV Guide: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

What You Need To Know Before You Buy an ATV

Cycling for Life

Using the term cycling for life, of course, had double meaning. On the one hand, it’s a sport that you may enjoy for your entire lifetime. On the other hand, this sport approached through routine exercise may very well extend your life, and in this way makes your life healthier.

Golf Basics

Don’t miss out the most exciting information about golf!

Practical Boat Sailing


Learn the Management of Small Boats and Yachts Under Any Conditions!

All About Golf


Discover the Fundamentals, Strategies & Insider Secrets You Need to Know to Start Playing Golf Like a Pro…

Sprints & Marathons


Easily Increase Your Running Speed and Stamina!

Get Paid to Golf

Attention Golfers: Do You Want To Get Paid To Play?


How To Make A Living Playing Golf With Amateurs!

How to Be an Ace Athlete

How to Be an Ace Athlete

101 Camping Out Ideas and Activities


101 Ways to Enjoy Camping in the Great Outdoors

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