Ideas on how to make money with an e-book!

Reselling e-books is an easy way to start making money from home. 

Once you purchase an e-book from us, you can decide what you want to do with it.   The most profitable thing about the e-book resell business is that you only have to purchase the item once.  You then can resell that same item over and over again. Or even give the e-book away for FREE as a way of thanking your e-mail subscribers for signing up to your list. 

Some other ideas are: purchase my e-books to add to your existing online store in order to keep offering something new to your customers, use the e-book content for your blogs or articles, sell the e-books on auction sites (if license permits), open up a paid e-book membership site and give subscribers a certain number of e-books each month or just create a complete website selling e-books yourself. The options are endless in what you can do with an e-book resell business.

If you are interested in creating your own e-book. You can use an e-book that comes with private labels rights (PLR) and use that as your foundations. You can then add to the book in your own words. Change the title and anything else that would make the book your own and then sell the e-book on You could also get affiliates to promote your e-book for you.

2 Responses to Ideas on how to make money with an e-book!

  1. Byron Darensburg says:

    How do you add a download link to the ebook when selling or giving it away?

    • Hello,

      E-junkie seems to be a good place to start if you don’t want to spend a lot of money ($5/mo). If you are selling downloads, they redirect the buyer to an instant download of your product after a successful payment. Ejunkie also send the buyer a link to your download page in a thank-you email you can customize. These are secure links which expire after the maximum number of download attempts that you allow for the product. However, I have never used E-junkie, I hear they work well. Check them out here:

      Another place you could look into is Dropbox. You can upload your e-book there and then Dropbox will create a link for you which you can share. Just copy and paste the link to your social media accounts, blogs, etc… Once a person clicks on the link they will be able to download the ebook. Dropbox is roughly $9/mo for 1 TB of storage space. Dropbox’s website is:

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