The meaning of MRR, PLR, and RR

Here are the different type of rights that are included in our e-books:

Master Resell Rights:

If you buy a product with (MRR) Master Resell Rights, you can resell it and (if you want) you can pass along the resale rights to your customers.

Private Label Rights:

(PLR) Private Label Rights allow you to edit or customize a product and even put your name as the author before reselling.  The product is yours.  You can do what you want with it.  You can add paragraphs, change title, change book cover, etc…  Now keep in mind, Private Label Rights do vary, some licenses offer full authorship while others limit distribution, and restrict what can be done with the content.  But again, you will receive a license with each e-book letting you know exactly what you are allowed to do and what rights you have.  In general, any digital product that allows you to change the content and claim its authorship can be called a Private Label Rights product.  This may be a good way to save tons of money instead of hiring an e-book writer.

Resell Rights:

When you’ve been granted (RR) Resell Rights you may sell the product and keep 100% of the profits, but you may not sell (pass along) the resell rights to your customers, meaning that they are not allowed to resell it at all!

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