Online Selling Tactics

Have you ever wondered why some people are Powersellers – and you aren’t?

What are the secrets they know – that you DON’T?

What Is Included:

  • 7 core videos, each with over 60 minutes of pure, boiled down content and advice.
  • Useable, step-by-step instructions and live demonstration from the experts.
  • Prediction on the future of e-commerce from CEOs and marketing managers of some of the most exciting marketplaces.
  • Handy note-taking feature to store your notes as you go through the course.
  • Bonus videos specific for beginner sellers to get them up-to-scratch.
  • Hand picked supplier lists
  • Email templates
  • A 1-year subscription to SaleHoo (includes access to the SaleHoo Directory and the Market Research Lab).


Who Is It For?

  • Beginners in the e-commerce world who want to start their own e-store, but don’t know how to get started and need step-by-step instructions to follow.
  • Intermediate users who have their own e-store but want to know the secrets/methods that Powersellers use to make it their full-time income.
  • Advanced users who have full-time income, but are looking for advanced strategies they have not considered/tried (e.g. email marketing) that highly successful Powersellers use to create a high-income business.
  • Stay-at-home mothers who are looking for a way to earn extra money while at home that doesn’t require technical knowledge.


Key Benefits:

Tested and proven results: A lot of people are wary of purchasing training courses because they do not know if the information or methods really do work. The methods and information in Online Selling Tactics has been researched and tested over a 12-month period, and has been proven to work. The methods are presented in over-the-shoulder style with nothing left out – taking the confusion and mystery out of how to make a successful e-commerce business.

No technical knowledge required: E-commerce businesses are a great opportunity for people with little technical knowledge to start earning money online. Our course has information suitable for all skill levels.

Real resources that you can use to create your own business:   They don’t just teach you the steps to create a successful e-commerce business:  They give you the tools needed to put the lessons learned into action.  You get real resources including access to the SaleHoo directory of over 8,000+ legitimate low-cost suppliers and email templates that you can use in their innovative e-commerce email marketing strategies.


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